Rockin’ the Retro

We all know someone whose style is a little less than fashion forward. Whether it is that coworker who just never read the memo advising that “mom jeans” are no longer in style, or that high school classmate whose every Facebook photo looks exactly like the one in their senior picture all the way down to the last over spritzed piece of bangs, at least until one looks close enough to see the wrinkles that the last 20+ years have bestowed upon him/her — Good skin care products, people! They make a difference! — we all have that certain someone we’d like to drag kicking and screaming into a somewhat more fresh look. 

While we are in the vicinity of the subject, I’m seizing the opportunity to say this: I’ve seen enough “Throwback Thursday” photos on Facebook lately to make me want to avoid social media on that offending day of the week. Seriously, folks? Those looks, those clothes, that hair, those photos, were horrendous 20 years ago. They have not improved with age! What do you say you spare us the flashbacks of acid washed jeans, Cosby sweaters, BonnieBell lip gloss and AquaNet hairspray. In the right combinations, that nonsense might be enough to being on a bout of PTSD! 

With all of that in mind, I give you…. This guy: 

He is rocking it. He is owning it. He is committed to it. (And possibly, he needs to be committed for all of that.) Everything about him, from his Joe Dirt mullet to his gold 1990-something Camaro screams “retro”. While the car was pretty cool back in the day, I think we can all see how utterly ridiculous the rest of his look is, and honestly, how ridiculous it was, even back then. 

Surely this guy has friends or family. Actually, he opened the passenger door for a female prior to my snapping this photo. One would think someone might help him escape the time warp and update his look. Bless his heart. 


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