Back with a Vengence

Today my first heavy court week of 2013, and it was with high hopes for new Judgment fodder that I entered my first courthouse (of five) for the week. I have to say, I have not yet been disappointed.

I mean, seriously? Who wears a LACE top to court? In what universe is that acceptable court attire? Not to mention the fact it was 25* outside this morning. Seriously? I nearly froze between my car and the courthouse this morning, and i can assure you, I was wearing a court-appropriate suit, not ill-fitting lace club attire. The only thing I can say in her favor is this: thank goodness for the black tank top she wore under her pink lace. Sheesh. And I don’t mean to be harsh — yeah, right — but she is only a bag of Oreos away from being indistinguishable from her sister (seen standing beside her), at which point that lace is going to be an even worse idea! (Bless her heart.)


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