The Twelve Days of Judgment Challenge

A few weeks ago, my friend Tracey over at The Ambiguous Fairy Tale asked me to be a guest-blogger for her blog.  Today, in the first-ever post by a guest-blogger on Judged by Jenn, she is returning the favor — and issuing a challenge.  (I can’t wait to tackle this one!)  Clearly, Tracey and I are cut from the same cloth, for she knows my holiday mantra: ’tis the season to judge — and she has provided me with much motivation to do so, as you will see below.  Further evidence?  She recently wrote a wickedly funny post about those blasted Elf on a Shelf things that, I swear, perfectly echoed my thoughts on the little &@$%@#&$.  (What’s in the Box?)

Go on, check out Tracey’s challenge to me, and when you’re finished, go check out her blog, The Ambiguous Fairy Tale.  After all, everyone loves a Fairy Tale.

The Twelve Days of Judgment Challenge

There are 2 things I know well about my friend Jenn:

1. She knows a sartorial faux pas when she sees one.
2. She is the best damn surreptitious photographer I’ve ever known.

So I thought it would be entertaining to put Jenn’s skills to the test….a scavenger hunt of judgment, if you will.

Here’s how this is going to work:

Jenn has 12 days to snap surreptitous photos of the fashion fiascos listed below. You, Jenn’s readers, may help. If you come across any of the following, drop Jenn an email including the photo. Here is the catch:   if Jenn can’t come up with proof of each item on the list within the twelve days, she has to meet me for lunch wearing any combination of the ensembles of my choosing. If she does meet the challenge, lunch is on me.   Fair enough?

Here we go:

1. Pajamas bottoms and a cartoon t-shirt, in public (you get a bonus point if the pants have cartoon characters, too.)

2. Any combination of too much camo (We live in AR. How hard can this be?)

3. Leggings in need of a tunic top. (Nuff said)

4. Size-inappropriate pants.

5. Underwear issues (think whale tail, pants of the ground, panty lines)

6. Oops! I forgot my bra today! (This is a no brainer. Have you BEEN to Walmart?)

7. Too. Much. Sparkle. (It’s the holidays; this should be EASY)

8. Tacky Christmas sweater (Had to)

9. Crocs and socks. (Again, thank goodness for Walmart, the god of endless blog fodder)

10. Eyeshadow….LOTS of eyeshadow.

11. Summer clothes, winter weather.

12. Clothes and/or jewelry that light up. (Because nothing says Happy Holidays like flashing earrings. Sorry, Mom)

Game on, Jenn.  Game on.

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