A Few Words About Thankfulness

Before we get too deep into December, I wanted to say a few words about November & thankfulness.

Unlike many of my Facebook friends and acquaintances, I did not spend the days of November enumerating the the blessings in my life or the things for which I am thankful. Of course I am thankful for my friends, my family (the one I was born into and the one I have dated into the last 3.5 years), the people I love, my health, my fur-babies, the fact that I am employed, etcetera. Why didn’t I spend the month of November sharing with the masses 30 things for which I am grateful? Because the masses don’t give a rat’s rear about my gratitude any more than I give one about theirs.

I’m sorry, was that harsh? Too bad.

I spend an inordinate amount of time rolling my eyes at posts on Facebook as it is. Some people apparently thrive on drama and attention-seeking behavior. Why do I read their chatter? Look, I have as hard a time looking away from a train wreck as the next person. On the other hand, I don’t care so much to have everyone I know up in every aspect of my life. November was a month that increased the eye-rolling exponentially. Seriously. It is a wonder I could even see where I was going for much of the month since my eyes spent so much more time rolled into the back of my head than looking forward.

I’m not saying don’t be thankful for the good things in your life, but seriously? When you are posting about absolutely ludicrous things — free powerball tickets? Online Black Friday shopping? Leftover Halloween Candy? Friday? That the season of cheesy Christmas sweaters has arrived??? — perhaps it’s time to stop posting. You, my friend, have effectively reached the bottom of the barrel. Please stop scraping.

I am not saying I don’t appreciate a cup of coffee from Starbucks, or that I don’t rejoice when the number on my scale decreases by a few pounds (or when the weight on the barbell I’m lifting increases by a few pounds), or that I am not happy as a little dead pig lying in the sunshine when I liberate my feet from a pair of particularly uncomfortable shoes at the end of a long day in court. And honestly, I am not saying I am not somewhat self-centered, shallow and superficial. But there is enough going on below the surface that I don’t think those are the sorts if things the pilgrims sat around expressing gratitude for, nor do I think those are the “blessings” Thanksgiving is supposed to be about.

That’s just my opinion. (And I am “thankful” that I have both a platform & the ability to share it.)

With that said, I am extra thankful that November is over and I don’t have to read “Thirty Days of Gratitude” posts again for another year.


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