Beach Hats are for Beaches

I was out of town modeling today.  No, I am not going to share photos, primarily because it was a nasty, gross, wet, rainy day, and the photos serve as evidence that I looked like a drowned rat.  I’m not sure what I expected.  That “humidity blocker” I put on my hair, while fantastic, can only do so much.  Especially in a downpour.  And when the “runway” includes a trip out one of the store’s doors, down a sidewalk, and back into another door, well, that’s lots of exposure to humidity.  I’m pretty sure the “runway” wasn’t to  blame, though; I’m pretty sure it was due, at least in part, to my refusal to use an umbrella.  Instead, I pulled the hood on my hoody up over my head, unibomber-style, and hustled from the house to the car, and then from the car to the store.  Yeah, I’m guessing that didn’t do a whole lot for the curls I fairly hurriedly put in my hair, foolishly thinking that would stand up to the weather better than straight hair would.  Oh, well.  Guess my instinct that today would be better as a yoga-pants-and-sweatshirt-on-the-couch-with-a-book day was correct.  

Clearly, my approach to keeping my hair under control was not the correct one.  I’m not sure this one was the correct approach, either…

Ladies and gentlemen, that is a beach hat, not a rain hat.  She wasn’t trying this on at an end-of-the-season beach accessory sale; she was in the Coach store, and she was wearing this gem when she came in.  I’ll give her that she was quite color-coordinated, but I’m not sure how Miss Thang here thought that floppy-brimmed straw hat was appropriate protection from what was, at times, a torrential downpour.  (I am also not entirely certain that I got away with taking this photo without being caught; I am, however, quite certain I don’t care.)  I saw lots of other folks going the hood-up-on-the-hoody route; there were numerous baseball caps; I saw rain ponchos; and of course, there were oodles of umbrellas.  This was the only beach hat I saw.  I suspect that is because most of us had more sense — both fashion and common — than that.


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