Why People Wear Camo in Courtrooms: A Theory

This is an actual exchange I had with another attorney in court yesterday.

Male Attorney: That young lady was dressed very nicely; you should have taken a picture of her for your blog as an example of what is appropriate.

Jenn: You’re right; she was. And I should have. But I was too distracted with trying to get a picture of that — [nods on the direction of a young man standing near the judge’s bench] — to get her. Why would you come to court dressed like that?

M.A.: Maybe he thought if he wore camo the judge wouldn’t be able to see him?

Jenn: Hmm… Could be. From this angle the color does sort of blend with the carpet…


One thought on “Why People Wear Camo in Courtrooms: A Theory

  1. We had a guy show up for his JURY TRIAL in camo pants and a long-sleeve black tshirt. I'm assuming the reason he didn't come back for the rest of his trial after the lunch break was because he realized his error in clothing selection, went home to change, and realized his entire wardrobe was camo. Or maybe he was just high.


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