A Word on Proper Sizing

It seems a lot of folks believe closer-fitting clothes are slenderizing.  This (erroneous) theory is similar to the notion that black is always slimming.  Trust me, black isn’t always slimming any more than tight clothes are.

Over the weekend I had occasion to spend some time at an outdoor shopping mall, and observed some disturbing examples to prove my point. 

Under no circumstances should one’s top be so tight that the outline of one’s navel is visible, as seen here.  When I took this photo, I was actually trying to snap one of this girl’s buddy, “the Great Pumpkin”, but the first thing I noticed when I looked at the photo was the navel outline.  Yuck.  I’m thinking a different size, a different style, or both would be in order here.  The fact that her shorts are riding up in the crotch is a whole separate issue, but the combination is not a good one.  Bless her heart.

Part of the problem with wearing one’s clothes too tight is that the material tends to roll or creep up, as seen here.  This lady was pushing a positively adorable baby around in a stroller, while wearing this unsightly ensemble.  

Besides showing one’s every bump and bulge, fabrics have a tendency to roll when they are too tight. The unfortunate result is that the rest of us end up being exposed to the wearer’s escaped fat roll. I don’t think I am going out on a limb when I say that no one needs or wants to see that.

Look, no one knows what size garment you are wearing when you are wearing it, and a garment with a given size label is not guaranteed to be the same size, or fit the same way, as another garment with a tag reflecting the same size. Don’t buy it because the tag says it is what you believe your size to be. Buy what fits. (Yes, Mother, sigh… You were correct about this, even though I didn’t/don’t always want to admit it. You will look smaller when wearing something that fits your body than you will wearing something that exposes too much or that rolls up so as to allow your parts to escape.

Consider this a public service announcement. You are welcome.

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