Hair ‘Dos and Hair Don’ts

It is really funny how different hairstyles one and go. Think about it.  Many years ago the beehive was popular. 

How women teased their hair so as to achieve that amount of height and volume and how they kept it from wilting throughout the day is beyond me, especially on a consistent basis.  Heck, my hair fixes differently from one day to the next, even if my styling technique is the same.  That it is different from day to day is good on days like today when I am having an unfortunate hair day; one stellar hair days, however, I wish it could look the same every day.  

Some years later, the mullet became a popular style.  


How in the work a hairstyle described as being “business in the front, party in the back” became a popular style eludes my grasp.  Likewise, how a style that was the same for both men and women gained such popularity bewilders me.  Even more bewildering are the days when I encounter someone wearing a mullet.  It always inspires me to ponder what self-respecting hair-stylist would agree to cut a client’s hair in such a style.  I mean, really?  My hair-stylist would not only refuse, she would probably consider dashing up the street to the courthouse to file a mental commitment alleging I was gravely disabled or a danger to myself if I sat down in her chair and asked her to give me a mullet.  (She should consider this my formal permission to do so in the vent that I ever make such a request.)

Well, today while waiting my turn during court, I glanced around the room to see if there was anything I deemed “photo worthy” or “blog fodder”.  Imagine my delight when this young woman stepped up to the bench.

That was a serious 80’s look she was rocking.  I’m not sure I could tell you when I last saw someone wearing a banana clip.  And paired with the letter jacket?  Well, I might have guessed that it was Spirit Week at the local high school and she was dressing in theme, except the docket for the day dealt generally with breach of contact cases, which clued me in that she had to be at least eighteen years of age.  Folks, this banana clip ‘do wasn’t haphazardly done.  This ‘do was done!  It appeared she put some real work into styling her hair this morning.  After all, she even has the curly little tendrils handing down in front of her ears.  Oh, and those bangs that are spritzed within an inch of their life, and that wouldn’t budge come wind, hell, or high water.  Wow!

Being me, I forwarded this photo some a few friends before posting it here.  One of the girls who is too young to have lived through banana clips back in the day said the following:  “Haha haven’t seen one of those since the last time I watched an 80s movie.”  I informed her that I actually tried to wear such a thing back in the day, and it was not a good look for me.  Mercifully, as I told her, I am reasonably certain that no photographic evidence exists to document that lapse in hair-styling judgment.  

I’m not sure why this young lady appeared for court looking like a blast from a 1980’s Brat Pack movie.  Nor am I sure where she acquired such a hair accessory in this day and age.  I continue to marvel.  Just please tell me the mullet isn’t going to come back around…


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