Rhinestone Cowgirls & Courtrooms

Sometimes people show up for court and there is nothing inherently wrong with what they are wearing other than the fact they simply look as if they are dressed for something other than an 8 a.m. court appearance.  I give you the following as an example.  I call her the Rhinestone Cowgirl.

This particular defendant showed up in court wearing her Western cut jeans, a Western-style blingy belt and hair barrette, large silver jewelry, and a bejeweled Western-style blouse.  She looked as if she’d be more at home on the range than hanging out in a courtroom.  Again, there was nothing really wrong with her outfit; it just didn’t really blend with the rest of the characters in the room.  The fact that a glance at her started, “One of these things is not like the others” from Sesame Street running through my head made snapping and sharing a photo necessary.
As you can see from her body language, she was doing a fair bit of swaying to and fro, and she seemed a wee bit on the attitudinal side.  When she sat down, the bailiff said to the attorney who had been speaking with her, “this is your brain on drugs…” Hmm… Maybe that explains the outfit.  She heard there would be judging and in her drug-addled stated mistakenly assumed she was headed to a rodeo and livestock show. 


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