Welcome to Judged by Jenn

Welcome to Judged by Jenn. 

This blog idea came into being after I sent a text to a friend of a young lady who appeared for Court recently in a small Missouri town.  The young lady in question was wearing jeans and a plaid tank top with her bra straps showing.  I’ll grant you this isn’t all that remarkable in this day and age.  (Is anyone else out there old enough to remember the good old days when we wore our undergarments under our clothing?  Or when we dressed to make a good impression?)  The remarkable issue was that her bra straps were neon pink.  As were the sunglasses perched atop her head.  And her hair?  It was also bright pink.  (She also had big gaping holes in her ears, but folks will have to take my word on that, because they weren’t visible in the photo.)  I’ll share the photo and provide my commentary in a future blog; that isn’t the point of this post.

Anyway, my friend, who is a writer, made the comment that I really should start a blog.  That got the wheels in my head turning.  The discussion that followed was that I needed a catchy, yet snarky, name for it.  After thinking for a little bit, the name “Judged by Jenn” came to me.  I ran it by my friend, and she liked it.  I shared the idea with a couple more friends.  They liked it, as well, so a blog was born.

Because people both entertain and annoy me in a variety of ways and locations, I have opted not to restrict my commentary to the various courtrooms I frequent.  After all, that hardly seems fair, what with all the blog fodder on the loose in our everyday society just itching to be written about.

One friend worried that this concept seems a little (or perhaps a lot) mean-spirited.  It really isn’t intended that way.  Some of my posts will be rants.  Some will be praise.  Some will be snarky.  Occasionally I will be kind.  Some of my opinions may not be popular.  Here’s the thing: they are MY opinions, and this is MY blog, so I’m going to say what I think.  If you’ve found your way here, hopefully you will get my sense of snark and sarcasm. 

My philosophy is simple: I tend to think other people exist either to entertain me, or to annoy me.  Which category do you fall into?  Well, I suppose that’s up to you. 


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