How do you expect to be taken seriously…?

As I indicated in my previous post, this idea for this blog originated after I shared a photo from court with a friend.  Here is the aforementioned photo:

Look, do what you want with your hair color.  Mine has been known to sport highlights in non-naturally-occurring shades of red from time to time.  (They blended, and were not distracting, however.)  Currently, I have the ombre’ thing going on.  I love it.  My significant other, on the other hand, recently told me he thinks it looks like a skunk.  (Haven’t quite figured that out since I don’t have a different colored streak down the middle, but that isn’t the point.)  Here’s a thought, though:  If you are a party to a case pending before the Court, you most likely would prefer the Judge take your positionon said case seriously.  I’ll concede I have never been a judge, but I would expect that it’s a little difficult to take a party seriously when she appears looking as if she lacks respect for the process or the Court.
(By the way, what you can’t see in this photo, is that this girl also that big-gaping-holes-in-the-earlobes thing going on.  I find that trend particularly disturbing, not to mention gross.)
It’s just my opinion, but I think one should put one’s best foot forward when one appears before the Court.  It is a respect thing.  I understand that a lot of people don’t have much respect for court for for the court process, but I don’t think the courtroom is the place to show one’s rebellious side.  At least LOOK as if you have some respect, even if the voices in your head are waxing disrespectful.  Pink hair and bra straps on display, even if color-coordinated, do not spell respect. 

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