The Remedy

In looking for a good “I’m thankful” status to judge for today’s post, I ran across an individual whose status was after my own heart. The post was, “I’m thankful for the ‘unfollow’ button so I can hide all of your ‘I’m thankful’ posts from my newsfeed.”

I can certainly get on board with that. I have a number of so-called Facebook Friends whose status updates so greatly annoyed me that I had to employ the feature which prevents their posts from appearing on my newsfeed. I haven’t deleted them from my friends list, but I don’t want to see their daily drivel. I respect one’s right to express one’s thoughts, but that does not mean I wish to be a witness to every thought one has.

Yes, I could utilize the various features Facebook provides to remove the “I’m thankful” posts from my feed, but where would the fun be in that? What would I have to judge? Having said that, I must confess I really appreciate the sentiment expressed by today’s status-of-the-day. Also, sometimes it’s nice to know I’m not alone in my annoyance.


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