Judged by Jenn News

Recently, Tracey, over at The Ambiguous Fairy Tale, invited me to be a guest-blogger on her page. I was completely flattered to be asked — someone likes what I’m writing! — and after checking out her blog, I knew saying yes was a must. It is safe to say that we share a lot of the snark and sharp-tongued wit that Judged by Jenn fans expect and find humorous, and frankly, she cracks me up. It is with that in mind that I encourage you to trek over to The Ambiguous Fairy Tale to check out Tracey’s blog — and of course, to read my first-ever guest post. (Here is the link to my post, so you don’t miss it:Judged by Jenn Guest Post ). Thank you again, Tracey for inviting me to your blog! 

Be sure to stay tuned for more commentary & surreptitious courtroom photos of those Judged by Jenn. 

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